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ETNA would like to raise £2000 to help those who wish to attend the ETNA conference in June 19-20 in Odense, Denmark, but have financial difficulties.

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This MOOC examines three key areas of learning:
a)      intercultural communication
b)      multicultural/multidisciplinary teams
c)      patient safety

More specifically this MOOC will address the following:

  • What is intercultural communication?
  • What are the characteristics of effective intercultural communication and how can we achieve them?
  • What do we mean by Multicultural/Multidisciplinary Healthcare Teams (MMHT)?
  • Why is effective intercultural communication essential to MMHT?
  • What challenges do MMHTs face in learning to communicate through the cultural boundaries of each other’s cultures?
  • What is patient safety?
  • Why do we need to be concerned about it?
  • Why effective intercultural communication within MMHT is the key to patient safety?

If you are a health professional I hope that this short course will help you to reflect deeply on your practice and that of your colleagues; if you are or have been a patient, I believe that as a human being you will also benefit by reading and discussing some of the content in this course with others who are following it.

Language taught in: English (United Kingdom‭)‬ with some content and discussion in Greek, Italian, Danish, Romanian.

The MOOC will start on 16th January 2017 and will last 6 weeks.

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Registration is now open for the 5th International ETNA Conference
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The online website for the 5th International ETNA Conference in Odense, Denmark on 19th and 20th June 2017 is now live!
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Odense in Denmark welcomes the 5th International Conference of the European Transcultural Nursing Association on the 19th and 20th of June 2017.

The conference will focus on methodological, ethical, practical and educational issues. We therefore welcome any paper that covers any of the following or related issues and topics:

  • The use of technologies for the creation and dissemination of culturally competent health promotion,
  •  The creation and implementation of culturally competent rehabilitation programmes through the use of assistive technologies.
  • Digital technologies in delivering nursing education • Researching nursing and health care through digital technologies
  • The ethics of assistive technologies in nursing and health care
  • Other relevant papers

Promoting Cultural competence in a digital/technological world.

21st century migrants and refugees: Mass migration into Europe due to wars and ethnic conflict A parallel theme of the conference will be the mass migration of people in Europe due to wars and ethnic conflict.

Papers addressing methodological, ethical, practical and educational issues underpinned by the notion or theories of cultural competence are most welcome.

Important Dates 

  • Abstract submission open: 1 September 2016 
  • Abstract submission deadline: 31 of January 2017 
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 of February 2017

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A) Invitation for submission of abstracts
B) Invitation to subscribe to the conference

It is my great pleasure to announce that Middlesex University London, will host the one day conference ‘Promoting Culturally Competent and Compassionate Leadership for Nurses and Other Health Professionals’ on Wednesday, the 27th July 2016.

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The 5th International ETNA Conference will be hosted in Odense, Denmark on 19th and 20th June 2017.

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For information on how to register as a nurse or midwife in the UK for applicants trained in the EU or EEA, please click here.



A message from the President, Professor Irena Papadopoulos

ETNA members and friends,

Another year is coming to an end; a year full of excitement and possibilities for ETNA.

This is the time of year we look back and reflect on all the things we have achieved and those which, for whatever reason, we did not manage to address.

So, allow me to share my reflections with you.

We began 2015 gazing towards two big goals we set ourselves for the year: a) The ETNA conference, b) The relaunch of the ETNA website.

A number of people worked very hard to organise the wonderful 4th ETNA conference which took place in beautiful Budapest, Hungary, in June 2015. Everyone who attended the conference had an enriching and enjoyable experience. We left Budapest with lovely memories to treasure for a long time. Thank you everyone for making it such a successful event. The biggest thank you goes to Katalin Papp and Zoltan Balogh for their commitment, compassion, and hard work.

In October we successfully re-launched the ETNA website. The site contains useful information to which we can continuously add and I hope you will all be contributing so that the ETNA resources can be enriched. This can provide the reason for nursing and other healthcare students to visit the site and engage with ETNA. It can also provide the opportunity for you to showcase your work! There are other useful functions of the website clearly and logically designed by our volunteer web designer Sean Collinge ably helped by the ETNA webmaster Alfonso Pezzella. I thank them both very much.

There were of course many other achievements such as for example the establishment of an ETNA facebook page and a twitter account. You can access them both via the ETNA website. Another achievement I must mention is the quarterly newsletter which is produced and edited by Christiana Kouta. This year a number of you contributed news and short articles for the newsletter which was a delight to read. The ETNA members are all over the world and they are making a difference. Thank you Christiana and all contributors.

We have also been exploring the registration of ETNA as a non-profit charity. This work is led by our Vice-President, Eileen Richardson. We have not completed this task but we are getting nearer to it, which will be a marvellous achievement. Thank you, Eileen.

And I have even more achievements to report! News about the forthcoming 5th ETNA conference. Start planning your abstracts and your travel arrangements…we are going to Odense, in marvellous Denmark. We don’t have the exact date yet but it will most probably be the 19th and 20th June 2017. I want to thank Dorthe Nielsen and her team for all the work they have done so far and the work they will be doing during 2016 and 2017!

As I am sure you will all be thinking about the children and families in war and conflict zones, in refugee camps or those trying to navigate their journeys to safety, say a little prayer, make a donation, or any act of compassion which will make the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves more bearable or even a little happier.

I am sure you will agree that ETNA brings us together in so many ways so that we can share our humanity and appreciate each other. I feel blessed to have the ETNA family and I hope you do too.

I wish you all a wonder Christmas break. May the New Year 2016 bring peace, love and understanding to the world!

Warm wishes,

Irena Papadopoulos, London 2015

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