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Below are some worldwide links on the topics of Culture, Transculturalism, Multiculturalism, and Health Equality that have been accumulated for your benefit. However, we are aware that there are many more lucrative links out there, and this list is not intended as a statement as to the quality or in formativeness of links not included. Furthermore, ETNA is not to be held responsible for any information derived from the following links.

Know of a worthwhile link to add? One of the links not connected? Let us know!

Website & link Country
Transcultural Nursing Society (TCNS) US
Transcultural Nurses Network (TNN) Ireland
Intercultural Education of Nurses in Europe (IENE) Joint
Association for Cultural Studies (ACS) Finland
Cultural Studies Association (CSA) US
Cultural Diversity in Nursing US
Joint Action on Health Inequalities  (in EuroHealthNet) EU
Social Determinants and Health Inequalities (in the EU commission, Public Health) EU
WHO: Key concepts in Health Inequalities WHO INT
Inequity and inequality in health (in Global Health Europe) EU
 Journal of Diversity and Equality in Health and Care
Better Health: Using evidence to promote race equality in health. UK
Ethnologue: Explore the languages of the world US
COHEHRE: Consortium of Higher Education Institutes in Health and Rehabilitation Education in Europe. EU
Podcast on Compassion. EU

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