FETNA awarded: 14/06/2024
President, ETNA
London, United Kingdom

Irena Papadopoulos


I am the Head of the Research Centre for Transcultural Studies in Health – which I established in 1995-, the former Chair of my School’s Ethics Committee, the former Chair of the research team for Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions, and a co-founder of ETNA. I have led a number of projects aimed at changing nursing practice, developing new cirricula, developing new assessment tools, establishing quality systems, and integrating nursing education within the higher education sector. I have conducted numerous research projects using a range of methodologies, and have provided consultancy to individuals and institutions. I have led the development and delivery of a Masters in Applied Health Research, the Intensive European Programme in Transcultural Nursing, the Masters in European Nursing, an online course in cultural competence, the first MOOC at Middlesex University (2014), as well as supervising research students. My main research interests are culture/ compassion/diversity and health, inequalities in health, AI and robotics in health, and spiritual care. In 2007, I co-founded the ‘Intercultural Education for Nurses in Europe’ (IENE) program, which includes 11 EU-funded projects. The program has grown into a thriving network of partners across Europe, delivering innovative training and resources to healthcare professionals. In 2015, I established the ‘International Culturally Competent and Compassionate Online Surveys’ (ICCCOS) program, bringing together researchers from 25 countries to conduct global studies on cultural competence and compassion in healthcare.I am the leading partner of the research which led to the development of the Papadopoulos, Tilki and Taylor (PTT) model for cultural competence (1998), which I have expanded and adjusted in 2006 and 2023. This pioneering model has been widely adopted worldwide, along with our tool to measure cultural competence (CCATool). During 2017-2021 I led CARESSES project (HORIZON) development of the conceptual framework, guidelines and content for the creating and programming of the first culturally competent socially assistive robot. Over the years I have gained a number of awards such as: Finalist for the ‘Madame Figaro’ woman scientist of the year (2013 & 2017), the Middlesex University staff ‘Best Research Impact’ (2016), and ‘Project of the Year’ in 2018 and 2019, winner of the outstanding article of the year by Emerald Publishing Company (2018), winner of the 2023 international book PROSE award, winner of the Journal of Research in Nursing (JRN) Veronica Bishop article of the year (2023). I have authored a number of books and hunderds of articles, keynotes, master classes, and open access materials.

Photo from the awards ceremony, dated: 14/06/2024

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