FETNA awarded: 14/06/2024
Vice-President, ETNA
Limassol, Cyprus

Elena Rousou


Dr. Elena Rousou works as a scientific staff, in the Nursing Department at Cyprus University of Technology. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Anglia Polytechnic University – UK, and a Master’s degree in Management of the Healthcare Sector from Open University – Cyprus. In 2015, she completed her doctoral studies at Cyprus University of Technology, focusing on Community-Family Nursing and Public Health. Her doctoral research concentrated on assessing the overall health of single mothers, with a specific focus on identifying psychosomatic burden, depression, and the significance of social support.

Throughout her career, Dr. Rousou has been actively involved in various research endeavours, particularly interested in community and transcultural nursing, while considering gender-related aspects within vulnerable population groups. She has participated in numerous European projects, including IENE 4, IENE 5, IENE 6, IENE 8, IENE 9, IENE 10, and IENE 11, primarily centered on promoting Cultural Competent and Compassionate Health Care. Furthermore, she contributed to the FEM-United project, aimed at preventing Intimate Partner Violence/Domestic Violence and Femicide in Europe, and the FGM e-campus project, striving to offer high-quality, comprehensive, holistic, and interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge to professionals dealing with FGM-affected individuals and communities. Additionally, Dr. Rousou served as a member of the Management Committee (MC) for the COST Actions 1206 “Femicide across Europe” and CA15208 “RANCARE – Rationing in Nursing Care.”

Since June 2023, Dr Rousou has held the position of Vice-President of the European Transcultural Nurses Association.

Photo from the awards ceremony, dated: 14/06/2024

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