Press release: 8th International ETNA Conference 2023, Denmark


The 8th International ETNA Conference was successfully held in Odense, Denmark from June 25th to 28th, 2023, under the captivating theme “Revolutionizing Transcultural Care: Reflecting, exploring, and responding to global health and care challenges.” The conference brought together an impressive gathering of health and social care professionals from numerous countries, creating a vibrant platform for exchanging ideas and addressing critical issues in the field of transcultural health care.

The event witnessed the participation of 102 dedicated professionals who traveled from 14 countries to engage in stimulating discussions and knowledge sharing. The conference program featured an array of oral presentations and posters, highlighting innovative insights and practical suggestions concerning Transcultural Health Care, Education, Transcultural Practice, and Health Disasters.

Distinguished keynote speakers captivated the audience with their profound expertise and thought-provoking topics. Professor Anne Marie Søndergaard Christensen delivered an enlightening speech on “Changing Perspectives: Existential and Ethical Lessons of Covid-19 and Possibilities for healthcare,” while Dr. Enrique Castro-Sanchez addressed the challenges faced in transcultural nursing with his keynote titled “Permacrisis in the Anthropocene: challenges for transcultural nursing.” Professor Irena Papadopoulos inspired attendees with her keynote titled “I have a Dream!” exploring the future of transcultural care in the posthuman era.

A panel discussion, chaired by Dr. Dula Pacquiao, delved into the pressing subject of “Revolutionizing Transcultural Care – Reflecting, exploring, and responding to global health and care challenges.” This timely discussion resonated with the current global health landscape, provoking insightful conversations among participants.

During the conference, a heartfelt memorial was held to honor the esteemed Professor Christiana Kouta who passed away in March 2023, recognizing her exceptional contributions to the field of transcultural care and as a vice chair of the ETNA board. Her legacy will continue to inspire future generations in their pursuit of excellence in transcultural health and care.

One the highlights of the conference was the prestigious Christiana Kouta Award, bestowed upon the best poster and oral presentation that demonstrated outstanding research, innovation, and impact in the realm of transcultural care. This esteemed recognition encourages and celebrates the remarkable efforts of individuals dedicated to advancing transcultural health practices.

The 8th International ETNA Conference was a resounding success, providing a platform for professionals to share knowledge, explore emerging trends, and collectively work towards revolutionizing transcultural care. The event showcased the importance of global collaboration and highlighted the pressing need for innovative approaches to address the challenges in the fast and ever-evolving health and care landscape.

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The 9th International ETNA conference will be held in London (provisional), UK.

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