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Sara Nissim


ETNA Treasurer

PhD Anglia Ruskin University, UK
MA & BA, Faculty of Education Haifa University, Israel.
Registered Nurse Diploma, Rambam Medical Center, Haifa, Israel.

Dr Sara Nissim has been engaged in nursing Education for over 25 years, and has been active in promoting academic Nursing Education in Israel, her current position being Deputy Director of Zefat School of Nursing. She also headed the Nursing Department at the Zefat Academic College, where she holds a position as senior lecturer.

Dr. Nissim is an acknowledged leader in Transcultural Nursing and Cultural Diversity in Israel, researching and lecturing on these subjects at international conferences. She also currently holds a position on the board of the peer reviewed Journal of Transcultural Nursing.

Her clinical expertise and research interest are: Palliative Care, Geriatric Nursing, Bioethics and Transcultural Nursing, specializing in Ethiopian Immigrant absorption to the Nursing Profession.

Official Missions Abroad
1996 Israel Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joint Mission to Developing Countries for Health Education – Teaching a Three-week course for Health Workers in Molo, Kenya.
1997 Israel Ministry of Health and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joint Mission to Developing Countries for Health Education- Teaching a Three-week course for Health Workers in Nakuru, Kenya.

Zafrir H. & Nissim, S. (2010) Evaluation in Clinical Practice: using An Innovative Model for Clinical Teachers. Journal of Nursing Education.

Nissim, S. and Saar, A.(1996), Community Health Promotion Seminar, Shalom, Magazine for Alumni of MASHAV Training Courses: 3;1996

Nissim, S. 2010, Culturally Diverse Nurses and the Meaning of Cultural Competence, ISBN – 978-3-639-26876-8, Publisher: VDM Verlag, Dr. Mueller Akt.ges. & Co.KG

Presentations at Scientific Conferences
” A preparatory workshop to introduce the UNESCO Bioethics Core Curriculum for Nurse Teachers” The second International Conference in Bioethics Education: Contents, Methods, Trends Zefat, Israe l2th – 5th May 2010 Canaan Spa, Zefat (English)

“Transcultural Nursing as a response to the needs of a multicultural Society in the Galelee” presented at The Academic Conference for 100 years to Zefat Hospital organized by The Israeli Society for the History of Medicin, 24 March 2010 , Beit Hadassa, Zefat, Israel (Hebrew)

“Using associative cards to verbalize experiences: a research method for culturally diverse interviewees.” The 1st International Visual Methods Conference – University of Leeds, UK, 15th – 17th September 2009 (English)

“Researcher and Researched of different Colors” “. Presented at the Third Israeli Conference for Qualitative Research Methods, Beer Sheba University, Israel (Hebrew) 2008

“Training qualitative nurses for Qualitative Research”. Presented at the Second Israeli Conference for Qualitative Research Methods, Tel Aviv, Israel (Hebrew) 2006

Teaching death – another approach?. International Congress on Palliative Care 2000, Palliative Care in Different Cultures.Jerusalem, Israel. October. (English)

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