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Dorthe Nielsen


Events Director for ETNA

Professor, Infectious Medicine, University of Southern Denmark

Professor Nielsen´s profile is based on a solid background in clinical nursing, teaching and in research. From 2009-2022 she was employed at the first Migrant Health Clinic, in Denmark. At the same time, she started an Ethnic Patient Coordinator Team at Odense University Hospital aiming at increasing health professionals’ cultural competences in a clinical context. Dorthe´s research focuses on vulnerability, intercultural nursing, older people, and patients’ everyday life with chronic illnesses and diseases. Dorthe has published numerous papers within the field of ethno-geriatric focusing on older people with minority background and their families. She conducts a Practice lead research approach and considers patients’ narratives, everyday life, communication and culture. The research involves qualitative as well as quantitative methods for identifying and developing practice-oriented nursing and treatment for vulnerable patients. The research involves national as well as international collaborators. She has in the last 8 years joined the board of the Danish Transcultural Nursing Association. In 2019 she became a member of the European Transcultural Nursing Association, ETNA board and she is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Transcultural Nursing and is a transcultural Nursing Scholar. Professor Nielsen is a visiting Professor/ Scholar at Muhimbili University, Tanzania.

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