Remarkable year


Dear ETNA members,


I am sure we are all welcoming the new year 2014 with great anticipation and much hope.

Anticipation for all the exciting things which 2014 may have in store for us, hope that much will happen during the new year which will make the world a better place for all: more peaceful, more fair, more healthy and more happy.
But I want us to spend a few moments reflecting on the ETNA achievements during the year we have just bid goodbye to. In my view, 2013 was a remarkable year for ETNA. We had a very successful conference in Israel, we re-established the ETNA website, started regular communication with our members through the ETNA bulletins, and have seen a huge increase in members. We now have a dynamic committee and an enviable list of country representatives which gives hope for the future.

As your president, I want to thank each and every one of you for all your contributions, and believe me, everything you offer, big or small does make a difference. This year I want us to achieve even more than last year. I am asking you to add on your “ to do list” one item related to ETNA; it could be:

– to recruit one member
– to send one resource item (an article, a report, a power point presentation, a teaching tool you develop to teach transcultural nursing/cultural competence etc) something that you have developed either on your own or with colleagues, but you must have the permission to add it to the ETNA website
– to send an item for one of the bulletins
– to tell your students about ETNA
– to send one suggestion on how ETNA can develop further
– etc.

Together ETNA can make a difference!

I thank you all and look forward to your continued support and engagement.

With my best wishes for 2014,

(I)Rena Papadopoulos
President of ETNA
Professor of Transcultural Health and Nursing
Middlesex University, London, UK

1 January 2014



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