Membership of ETNA is open to anyone who is a nurse or member of any other health profession and who has an interest in or is actively involved in working with people from diverse cultures.

Membership benefits

  • Being part of a community of academics, practitioners and researchers who are interested in transcultural health, and thus profiting from their peer support and advice.
  • Attendance at ETNA conferences and annual meetings.
  • Networking for research and project partners.
  • Access to the ‘transcultural-eunet-l’ mailing list. The list is an electronic networking tool; it allows members to ask questions, share information and make contact with people who share your professional interests.To subscribe to the Transcultural mailing list send a message to: the command SUBSCRIBE TRANSCULTURAL-EUNET-L in the message body
  • ETNA members can have a 15% discount on books from the Radcliffe Publishing. To access this, registered ETNA members can use the code ETNAM15 when ordering from the website.

We invite you to fill in the following membership application form and submit.

Currently, there is no fee for joining.

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